The heavens declare the

glory of God

and the sky above proclaims

his handiwork.

Psalm 19:1

What if church was different?
What if the focus was on Jesus, His People, those who need Him,  and those who are in need?
Doesn't every church focus on that?
Come together in Jesus Name
Make a Difference Together
Where do church resources go?
Staff Payments...Building payments and upkeep...Supporting the institution...
The smaller the church, the larger the percentage of income for these "needs"
What if the Church was your neighbors house?
What if the church was your house?
What if you gathered on Sunday, just like you do on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...?
The Church doesn't have to be different on Sunday than on Monday

Service Times

Sunday Evenings

4:00 pm

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Watch and Listen - we have dialog and worship before the message and discussion about the message after, but it is not recorded.